Slow fashion week 2

Funny how during a month when making should be mindful and deliberate, I am cruising through some projects.

Case in point: last Sunday, after my 10 mile run (which went really really well), I came home and whipped out this (and by whipped out, I mean whipped out. I ran from 7am to about 9, got home and had so much energy, I started sewing. I finished it up just before noon):


This is the City Stroll Skirt, done in a Robert Kaufman cotton flannel. The sweater is a few years old, but one of my faves. You’ve seen the skirt before, and the only reason I’ve made it again is that it’s the sample for the sewing class I’m teaching later this month. Yes, you read right–the sewing class I’m teaching. I’m no expert by any means, but this is a fairly basic make (although I did line this one, and will be teaching that skill, too). Oh, and yes you can pat me on the back for matching the plaid.

Anyway, this skirt could fit nicely into SFO theme of “small.” First (and literally), it’s a mini skirt and even mini-er on my tall body. But second, my foray into sewing (to compliment my knitting) and recent move have really brought home the idea that I need to be more considered about what I’m adding to my wardrobe.

You see, after finishing up the skirt, I moved onto switching out the summer clothing for winter clothing. (apparently the gels I took during my run have a long half life). Our new house actually has ample closets, so I thought it might be nice to have all clothing out, and fewer tubs languishing in the basement. When all was said and done and I had all my clothing in one place, I then realized that I have nearly A DOZEN pair of jeans! Some are even the same brand/style which means I forgot I had them in the first place. Now, I’ve been known to do this with books (buying the same one twice), but jeans?!

Another big realization: more than 2/3 of the many, many sweaters I’ve made haven’t seen the light of day in at least two winters.  Some were easy to let go of–they were samples I knit for my store back in the day, and either the yarn or style wasn’t my first choice. So I cut off the pretty buttons (if there were any) and put them in the recycle pile. Others are harder to let go of–and they’re still sitting in my closet, but I firmly intend to let go if they are not worn this winter.

It’s one thing, though, to recycle old clothing; it’s another to apply this same practice to making. And frankly, there are a few sewing projects that will join the misfit knits pile. For me it’s constantly a battle with my inner SPS (shiny penny syndrome). I want to make ALL. THE. DRESSES. And ALL. THE. SWEATERS. (even though I’m clearly a dozen jeans and sweater type of girl). Going forward, now that I can see what I own every day in a shared and small contained space, I can be more measured in how I approach future projects.

And have fewer jeans.


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