so many things, so little time:

  • it is such a pleasure to have your soon to be 20 year old offer to take your 11 1/2 year old to the Met on a Saturday afternoon. It’s an even bigger pleasure to see them hop off the train, 7 hours later, laughing and teasing each other.
  • could the weather be any more perfect for running? I don’t think so.  I’m lucky enough to have this group of turkeys (literally) cheer me on daily
  • it’s also great for apple picking. I totally get why Eve succumbed. And while I had such a great time with a friend and her daughter (Thing 3’s good friend), it’s not quite the same without Things 1, 2 and the Mister. We’ve been visiting this orchard for 17 years–this is the first year of declining participation.
  • i get the best omiyage. If you ever, EVER, get the chance to try a Yoku Moku cookie, don’t even THINK of passing it up.  Or the tin they come in, if you collect tins like I do. You’re welcome.
  • 3 samples done–can’t wait to start teaching:

    Isn’t fall fabulous?

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