There and back

and there again

For someone who doesn’t like doing the same thing twice (such as knitting two socks, or two sleeves), I’ve spent the past two weekends repeating myself.

Two weekends ago on Saturday, Thing 2 and I were off on a college visit to Bard–it was about a 2 hour drive north for us. The school didn’t ring any bells for Thing 2 so we headed home.  Then on Sunday, my friend Kris and I headed up the same exact road to the NY Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck.  About 7 miles south of Bard. The biggest differences between the two days? First, Kris is not as surly as a 17 year old being dragged off to look at colleges.  Second, it snowed on day 2.  Oh, and amazingly neither of us bought any yarn.  I did get some cheese though.

Then fast forward to this past weekend–I was registered for a 10 mile race in the Mercer County park which is in central Jersey (the new one, that is). Packet pick up was Saturday; the race was Sunday. Another friend, also Kris, offered to get my bib, but since I was unsure of the exact location of the event, I used the opportunity for reconnaissance. Which was good.  It was an easy 45 minute drive–Parkway to Turnpike and then a right onto the road to park. It was even easier on Sunday, at 5am, in the dark.

I went into the race without any solid goals. I knew I could handle the 10 miles, but didn’t want to put a time goal out there. I did, however, want to run the whole thing, and not do any walking (aside from slowing to take water). Kris (the running friend, not the yarn friend) was aiming for a training run in the 9:30 to 10:00 range, which worked.

The course was very loopy with tons of twists and turns and outs and backs, but most was in the park and around the community college. It was flat and great running weather–overcast (and misty) and cool–in the 50s. Kris and I held a steady pace between 9:30 and 9:45, and we were thinking we could finish around 1:36-1:37ish. Around mile 5-6, I took a gu, and then took another one at mile 7.  That was a mistake, as it went right through me and caused me to detour into the woods.  Kris went on ahead, and I followed–finishing at 1:41.  I’m a little disappointed–this was a good race, and having company really kept me focused and consistent. On the bright side, aside from the GI stop, I did no walking.

But my day did not end there. Once home, I helped the Mister unearth the buried drains around our garage.  And then, I went for the triple play–back on to the Parkway to the turnpike but this time a left into Mercer county and a work event.  Same road–3 round trips–one weekend. I think that takes the cake!

One comment

  1. Snow ???? As in that white stuff that falls from the sky. I gave up on GU. I just eat beaucoup bagels and bananas before a race. I like feeling full and not hopped up on sugars.

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