A Tidal Wave of Motivation

to Make. All. The. Things.

Yes, we are approaching December, so that gives me 25 days to make all the presents for everyone. Everywhere I look, I am suckered into thinking “Yes! I can MAKE that! Add it to the list!” Added to that is the feeling of invincibility coming off my new 8k PR. Clearly I suffer from that most demoralizing of holiday illnesses: SPS (Shiny Penny Syndrome). Demoralizing, because when coupled with my LML (Last Minute Lucy) condition, it means I’m often up way too late on Dec. 24th, writing “coupons” for gifts that haven’t quite gotten done.

Anyway, I’m plowing ahead. Here’s what’s in stock for this December:

First off, I’m knitting a sweater for each Thing. Thing 2’s is done. I’ve got only about 6″ left on the 2nd sleeve for Thing 1 (and I’ve already sewn the sides and shoulders together, so once I’m done with the 2nd arm, I can stick a fork in it. Thing 3 asked for a hoodie. I’ve made a swatch with some pretty fab yarn. (One day, I will start with Thing 3’s project first, because children understand gift IOUs so well.)

For the first time in over 5 years, my entire family will be together for Christmas, but everyone’s traveling quite a distance, so I thought for my 6 nieces I’d make some fun pillowcases. Today I got the fabric for that:


Of course, the holidays aren’t complete without a treat for myself.  Last week, I was gifted a fabulous sewing book by the students in my first ever sewing class, and this is the project I chose for myself:


Under the book is my sherpa fabric. Since the wrong side of the fabric isn’t so pretty, I’m going to line the vest with the blue knit (and use the same blue knit for the neck and sleeve bindings).

The aforementioned runner’s new PR high also caused me to sign up for a new race. I’ll be in San Diego in early January (yes, life is tough), and lucky for me, there’s a 5k/15k in the city at the same time! I opted for the 15k, and to get ready for it (I’m only 5 weeks out), I’m jumping into a Hal Higdon 15k/10 mile plan. I know I’ve got the aerobic capacity, but I’m eager for some speed work and hills to get a bit faster for this totally flat out and back along the water.

1 sweater, 9 pillowcases, a vest, and 5 weeks of a new running plan. No sweat! I totally got this!


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