Biting off more than I can chew

The Christmas makes are progressing. Last Sunday, after my long run (more on that below the fold), I started and finished the 9 pillowcases. It took a little longer than expected, because half-way through the Mister needed me to help him test start the new snowblower. Because it was 55F and about to snow any day now.

Here are the pillowcases in groups of 3 by family:

for Things 3, 2 and 1
for my sister’s girls


for my brother’s girls

On the knitting front, I’ve finished both Thing 2 and Thing 1’s sweaters. No pics yet, as I’m still working on Thing 3’s. I swear to god, I need to learn to put Thing 3 first.  Thing 2’s sweater was knit on US size 17 needles. Thing 1’s on US size 10s.  Thing 3’s are on 5s. The smart knitter would have realized it’s better to use the larger needles as deadlines loom. The smart knitter would have also not picked a hoodie to try to finish two weeks before said deadline. I know I can get the sweater done, but the hood may be the straw that breaks this camel’s back.

Probably the hardest part about getting Thing 3’s sweater done is that my nighttime knitting time is facing a huge obstacle–otherwise known as an earlier bedtime. It turns out when you start training for an ultra and have to be to work by 8am, you need to get up a bit earlier than normal.

(did you see that? just sorta slipped in that tidbit of news, didn’t I?)

I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks now, but yep, I’ve signed up for a 50 mile trail race–Rock the Ridge–in New Paltz, NY on April 30, 2016.  And yep, you’re right, it’s funny…you can’t recall any of my marathon race reports because oh, yeah, that’s right–I’ve sorta not run any further than a half ever.

But a running club friend (who’s also turning 50 next year) encouraged me to do it, and I did a bit of research, and started to assemble a team of folks to keep me healthy (an RD who’s also a runner, a massage guy who’s also an endurance athlete), and things just sorta fell into line, so I hoped on board that crazy train.

And training started this week.

And I’m approaching it just like Thing 3’s hoodie sweater due in two weeks: stitch by stitch, step by step, chewy bite by chewy bite.


  1. Those pillowcases look AMAZING. I love the fabric you chose for your Things, each one so perfect (the beauty of fabric you chose yourself of course)! Need to hear how you found that massage therapist, am thinking I need one in my corner!

  2. I love the pillowcases!!! And I noticed that you are using some fabrics I’ve been eyeing myself – far right in top two pics. Now that I see them made up into something, I like them even more. I may copy you. : )

    • I love the top right–that one’s for my soon to be 20 math/chem/physics son, and the trim on the far right middle pic is just adorable and perfect for my oldest niece (10 years old).

  3. Omg had to re read that sentence containing the word ultra, twice! Then I thought I must have missed a blog, but no this was the coming out post! My stomach flipped for you. Amazing stuff, a trail one will be awesome. Now for the training…….good luck!

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