Just in the (St.) Nick of time

With Christmas looming, I spent the week prior frantically knitting on Thing 3’s sweater. I figured as a last resort, Thing 1 could drive the 6 hours to Williamsburg, VA (our holiday trip to my parents’ home), allowing me 6 uninterrupted knitting hours. That, plus the entire day on the 24th, should have been just enough.

Thanks to Mother Nature and her torrential rains, I couldn’t put Thing 1 in the driver’s seat (the rain was so heavy at one point, I couldn’t even see our car’s windshield). Even better, the 6 hour drive took 11 hours, severely curtailing my Christmas Adam knitting time.

I gave Thing 3 a choice: a shawl collar and finished gift under the tree, or a hoodie that won’t be under the tree. Thing 3 wisely chose to forego the hood. And at 6pm on Christmas Eve, I bound off for her sweater and quickly wrapped it.


Here are all three Things sporting their new sweaters. Perfect timing, too, as temps in Williamsburg dipped to 75F (and 100% humidity).

I’m especially grateful that Christmas was on a Friday this year, as my ultra training plan has both Mondays and Fridays as rest days. That being said, weekends are back-to-back long and sorta long runs, so even though it was Christmas, my schedule did call for an 18 mile long run on the 26th.

Thank goodness for Strava; I plugged in my hotel address, and lo and behold, I was able to map out an 18 mile route that included two different trail sections that were a bit more technical than I expected.  I did an out and back, running each trail section 2 times–totaling about 10 miles on the road and 8 miles of tough-ish trail. Given the humidity and my poor nutrition habits the few days prior, it wasn’t pretty, but I got it done. I have a feeling I’ll be echoing that phrase a lot in the months to come.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always one of my favorites; I love plotting and planning, and I’ve got plenty of grand plans for 2016, although knitting three sweaters between Halloween and Christmas will not be on that agenda.


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