Wouldn’t it be nice

if there was a week of undated days between Dec 31 and Jan 1–just to get ready for the rush of the new year?

Because each year I have such grand plans, and each year I feel like the referee shouted “go!” while I was still working on “on your mark, get set!”

Maybe if I’d only been paying more attention, but I’ve been wrapped up in my New Year’s projects.  First–my NYE sweater. Started at 3pm Thursday afternoon. Finished (with a break for dinner) around 10pm.


This is supposed to resemble this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.45.50 PM

hmmmm. I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything that’s made me look so busty. I’m not counting this as a complete fail–I’m blocking the sweater now; that should even out the stitches and give it more shape (taking away its emphasis on mine).

This afternoon, I got started on a new top:

This should definitely be filed under “you get what you paid for.” The lack of finished garment measurements should have been a warning. I added 2″ to the length and it’s still a bit shorter than I would like.  The nice thing–look at the placket on right hand photo–see how the sheep under the bottom button just coincidentally lined up!  Woot! Love when that happens.

I think my seemingly endless energy stems from my training; I’m still in the early phase and not yet completely exhausted. Today, for example, I did the requisite 1,2,3 ladder workout on my way to my running club’s Resolution Run (1 min fast, 1 min slow, 2 min fast, 2 slow, 3 fast, 3 slow, then reverse).  I then opted for the 4.5 mile group run (there was also an 8.5 route).

So, Janathon Day 1 stats:

  • 7.2 miles running
  • 1 shirt sewn
  • 1 sweater blocking


  1. I love the shirt! Where is the pattern from? The button placket matching up really makes you look like a pro seamstress. I’m struggling with a sweater that I’m hoping relaxes a bit from blocking too. Mine is just a little too tight, and it sounds like you are struggling with the same issue. Please post pictures once you block it! I hope you end up liking it! The color is beautiful.

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