Now where did I put that bandwagon

also known as Janathon?

Ultra training this week was hard, especially after a step down week, a transcontinental flight, and some pretty cold temps here in NJ. Tuesday I took an unscheduled rest day (losing three hours in the winter means you leave the west coast in the dark and arrive on the east coast in the dark, and grumpier and colder).

When I reviewed my plan, it called for a hill workout on Tuesday, an easy run on Wednesday, a rest day on Thursday, and then easy runs on Friday (5-7), Saturday (10-12) and Sunday (9-11).

I figured the hill workout was more important than the Wed easy run, so on Wednesday I did my hills, which was harder than expected, mostly because I don’t have any hill longer than .3 miles within 1.5 miles of my house (the warmup to the hill is 1.5 miles). I ended up resting on Thursday (I really am a rule follower), and doing the easy run on Friday.

Today I tagged along with a running club friend Rob on his first long run (10 miles) for his upcoming 50k.  This was tough. There were lots of steep uphills–lots of power hiking and walking. I’m trying not to get down on myself for not being nimbler and faster, and am instead focusing on the lessons learned.

  • First, today I wore a borrowed hydration pack–a Nathan.  OMG! Life-changing! This particular trail was so technical, I really was relieved to have my hands to catch myself should the need arise (spoiler: it didn’t).  It had a bladder, and the water didn’t slosh, and it also had front pockets for my phone and gels. I am going to look into a women’s specific fit as this one sagged a bit as the straps loosened, but I’m a fan!
  • Second (and forgive the TMI), but I struggle with gi issues while running. My last three runs I’ve eaten Chobani before heading out (on the advice of my dietitian). It’s got 11g of protein and zero fiber, and boy, is it working for me, today especially.  Now I’m on the hunt for some other high protein, zero fiber foods. I also took one gel at about mile 6, which was a little too long to wait.  My next task:to weigh myself prior to a run and then when I get back so we (my dietitian and I) can calculate more concretely my nutritional needs, because when I got back from this morning’s romp, I ate everything in the refrigerator. I kid you not.
  • Third, doing training runs on the trails, however sloggish and painful, is most likely the best way for me to train. Today’s 10 miler took over 3 hours (YIKES). Do the math–that’s 15 hours for the 50 miler. I definitely want to do better than that, so with back to back long runs each weekend, I’m going to make certain at least one of those runs is on a trail, and the other on the road (just so I can pretend I actually can do this).

After my run, I ran (pun intended) into NYC for Vogue Knitting Live. Unfortunately, my poor planning caused me to miss lunch with a friend, but I did get to see some of the knitted wonder that makes its way to NYC every January.


Who ever said pompoms are only good for hats?


I can’t even imagine having enough free time to sculpt/make a dragon out of felt.



  1. Glad you like the hydration pack, makes you wonder why we’ve not tried it before!
    The trail running is slower in any it and tougher on the body, at the moment I am alternating between trail and road also but for me this is every other weekend.

    Just love that dragon!

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