Goodbye January

While my posts have not been up to past Janathon standards, I have been quite productive.

This past weekend I had my first significant back to back long run mileage; Saturday called for 18-20 and then Sunday was 14-16. Last week’s snow impacted my route somewhat (closing two trails) causing a few detours and my getting lost twice, but I ended up with 19.6 miles. And then I turned around again this morning for another 14.

Each run is an opportunity to learn–this weekend I worked on fueling, trying to figure out which real foods I can carry along AND tolerate, because the thought of eating gels or chomps for 50 miles is a bit nauseating.  Both Saturday and Sunday I ate every 5 miles–half a sweet potato at mile 5, and a handful of pretzels at mile 10. On Saturday, I tried a granola bar at mile 15, but the water in the hose of my hydration pack froze and I couldn’t get it down, so I had a gu instead.  Which isn’t so tasty without water either.

So to recap the month:

  • 24 runs over 31 days, totaling 197.4 miles. The non-running days included yoga and core/body weight work.  This is my highest mileage month ever.
  • Two sweaters knit
  • One quilt started
  • Two shirts, one jacket and 3 cowls sewn.

My Janathon blogging efforts may have been lacking, but I’ve enjoyed keeping up with everyone’s posts, and have a feeling that I’ll be needing some motivation come Juneathon, especially given that it will be after the ultra.



    • i baked the sweet potato, and then sliced it width-wise and put in a baggie. it got pretty mangled and mushed up, so when I wanted to eat it, I just opened a bit of the top of the baggie and squished it into my mouth, sorta like a gu. there were some larger pieces that I could chew, but all in all, it was mushy (but really, really good).

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