Excuse me, while I crawl out from under this rock

Yes, I’m still here. Just going to bed insanely early and getting up even insanely earlier. Just when you think you’re about to die from ALL. THE. MILEAGE, you get an “easy” week, and subsequently catch a cold.

I’m on week 13 of my 24 week plan (I actually jumped in at week 4, so I’m not quite halfway through yet. The growing mileage is tough, but even tougher is scheduling! Once a week I work in the city, and because I catch what I lovingly refer to as the over-achievers’ train (the 7:04), I can’t run on that day. And because some of the workouts seem to require an unending 7% grade hill with miraculous flats every 8 minutes or so, some workouts I’m stuck with a treadmill.  It’s all part of the journey.

I have no idea how this race will pan out. But I’m thoroughly enjoying the process, so I’m counting this (so far) as a win.  Who knows where my head will be in 10 more weeks, but right now, I. Love. It.

Next week will be a big test. I’m out in Santa Clara for work, and it’s an insane training week:

  • Wed (flying day): 8-10 miles with 6 reps of 5′ on/1′ recovery repeats. I plan on doing this before I get on the plane.
  • Thurs (booth set up day): 10 steady pace
  • Fri (first day of show): 5 easy
  • Sat (2nd show day): 18
  • Sun (3rd show day): 10-12
  • Mon (fly home) rest

And as my “hey look, there’s a race I can do nearby” luck would have it, there’s this: the Lake Chabot Trail run with a convenient 30k option. And wouldn’t you know it, 30k=18 miles! How ’bout them beans? I think this will be a good reality check. I’ll have to figure out my gear and nutrition (especially while traveling), and deal with some elevation. Twice now in training I’ve run 18 miles or more, so the distance isn’t that intimidating. The climbing, though, I expect to be tough.

Worrying, though, isn’t on the plan. So I’ll be there with enthusiasm! (and a hydration pack, extra socks, sweet potatoes, pretzels, tons of water, and a good attitude…)





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