The good, the bad and the ugly

of my sojourn to Silicon Valley:

The Good:

Finding a 30k trail race (Chabot Red Tail Trail Run) that synced up completely with my training plan (because I’m good at math and the metric system and know that 30k=18 miles).

Completing the 30k staying true to my training strategy (walk 1 min after running each mile, power hiking the steep uphills)

No bonking!  Good fueling!

Finish time: 4:10:27


The Bad

Forgetting the cardinal rule of pronouncing unknown place names (rule: always go with French). Lake Chabot is not pronounced Cha-But. It’s pronounced Sha-beau.

Not reading the elevation chart before racing.



The Ugly


Some things should just not be knit. Ever.


  1. Um, where did you see those pants?!?! Were they associated with the race? Please tell me no one ran in those!!!!

    Your running stories always make me jealous. I used to love trail races. I need to remind myself that my daughter will not be young forever and I will have time to train again someday. This looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    • I was at this knitting show, Stitches West, and that woman was shopping in the booth next to mine! So no, no one ran in those (they don’t look so wicking, do they)? And yes, your daughter will eventually get old enough to be disinterested in your hobbies!

      • Running in knit pants just sounds so chafing. I’d need to body glide my whole lower half, and then the pants would probably slip right off, whoosh!

    • A friend (who did a 50 miler last year) recommended that strategy, not just for the race, but for any long run over 14 miles. I tried to really stick to it–the only times I ran through that minute were if I had just crested a hill that I had power-walked/hiked up, which was maybe twice. I set my garmin to 18 1mile/1 minute intervals, and it made the race just FLY by, too.

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