Hobbling and Cobbling

First up–hobbling

Last week (week 15 of my training plan) was my highest mileage week. Ever. 59 miles. Sunday was my longest run ever–22 miles. Thankfully I had help–my teammate for the ultra and another friend (and photographer) who came along “just for fun.”


The nice thing about this training plan is that every 4th week is a “step back” week. So last Monday when I looked at the 6 straight days of workouts, I just set my sights on getting through Sunday.

The week went like this:

  • Mon: rest
  • Tues: 9 miles, middle 3 steady.  Well, after the trail race and the flight home, those middle 3 turned into a middle 2.
  • Wed: 5-7 steady. I opted for 5, and did 5.6
  • Thurs: 15′ w/u. Hill workout: 4x 6′ hill w/ 3′ recovery, 5′ easy, 3x 2′ hill/1′ recovery, 5′ easy, 3x 30sec hill/30 sec recovery, 15′ c/d. I did this on a treadmill.
  • Fri: 5-7 easy. I opted for 5
  • Sat: 20-22 long run. 22 in the books.
  • Sun: 9-11 easy: 9.3 on a beautiful Sunday!

The results of all this mileage? Eating All. The. Food. and sleeping All. The. Hours and rolling out All. The. Muscles. I am so thankful this week is only a 20 mile week.

Next up: Cobbling

Sleeping all the hours has put a bit of dent into my sewing and knitting, but two weeks ago, I finished whipped out this vest:

The exterior is a new fabric collection called Woodland Clearing, and the inside is…Liberty!  You may notice the inside back is pieced. It shouldn’t be. However, I was really excited that I figured out how to make the pockets a bit more structured (the fabric in the original pattern is a thicker knit wool and the Woodland Clearing is a quilting cotton, so the single layer pocket was a bit flimsy) by underlining it in the Liberty. So I cut the pocket interior out of what I thought was some leftover Liberty and proceeded along my merry way, stitching away oblivious to the fact that I had actually cut two pocket pieces out of the middle of the back piece.  Sigh. This is why you are supposed to set aside your pattern pieces. Thankfully I had enough leftover to cut the middle section of the back piece out and replace it.

Hopefully fewer miles on the road will mean more inches on the needles. I just started a great springtime sweater that I’d like to be wearing before summer.



  1. How are you finding the hydration pack? Well done on that mileage.
    Oh I love Liberty fabric, well done for correcting an error many of us have made!

  2. Hello Paige – I have been a bit absent from blogging & my regular bog favourites ( which yours is of course ) so very interested to see what you are up to – training for an ultra WOW and of course doing all your lovely sewing and knitting projects – you are pretty inspirational. Your training plan looks tough, but glad you are getting on well with your increased distance and no injury. 🙂

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