I’m not slacking

I’m making cat name tags.


Thing 3 and I volunteer at our town’s animal shelter. Actually, Thing 3 volunteers and I accompany her because at age 11, she can’t be there on her own.  The shelter is having an adoption event this weekend, so Thing 3 and I are baking cookies and making cat name tags to brighten up the cat room.  Because that’s Thing 3’s job–“socializing” the cats. I do laundry.

When I’m not making cat name tags, I’m running.  And coughing, sneezing, and sleeping. Because after 3 years of horrid snowy, cold winters, we’ve finally drawn the long straw and had just about the mildest winter ever. And after three incredibly healthy winters, this year, I’m sick as a dog. Meh.  Sucking it up through a 38 mile weekend (14 miles on Saturday, 24 on Sunday) didn’t help, and then the 5 mile recovery on Monday and 7 mile track workout on Tuesday were the straws that broke the camel’s back, resulting in three rest days (two unscheduled).  I’m not freaking out, and will scale back tomorrow’s long run by 20% (20 instead of 25 miles on Sat). Sunday, however, I’m signed up for a 20k race that I’m using as a training run. It’s the first day of spring, but it’s expected to snow.

Aside from this little glitch, the training is going well. I have learned I can plod along at incredibly long distances at incredibly slow paces for inane amounts of time. Any of my training runs over 14 miles, I walk for 1 minute after each mile. This really doesn’t slow me down all that much. My 24 mile run, I clocked at a 12:00 pace, and my 14 mile run the day after, at an 11:00 pace. Nope, I’m not breaking any records, but that I can get out of bed the day after doing 24 miles and chalk up another 5 and then a track workout the day after without being any worse for the wear is a pretty big deal in my book.

Let’s just hope I can hold up for the next six weeks.


  1. Wow, that mileage is amazing. And no ill effects! That’s awesome.

    Speaking of awesome, that Thing 3 of yours with her wonderful name tags…

  2. Gosh, you really are a proper runner. I feel totally inadequate after doing the c25k and struggling to manage 5k 3 times a week. You’re an inspiration and I really should get out more. Good luck with it all. PS cute name tags for the cats 🐱

    • oh, thanks for the kind words…because I feel like such a poser when I compare myself to others! I guess the key is to keep working at it bit by bit. PS–cat tags were a hit at the shelter!

  3. Sorry to hear about your cold , hope you are on the mend. I am interested to notice how as you build ever increasing mileage the body adapts, and from others I know who do ultra distances it seems that success is as much about mindset and accepting the time spent on your feet over pace. Your training sounds on track. 🙂

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