in a nutshell

  • somehow I’m on week 20 of my 24-week training plan. Between weeks 16-19 I caught the most horrendous cough, resulting in missed work and missed workouts (3!). I’m trying not to freak out about having missed a major back-to-back weekend, and I know I should just be looking forward and not second-guessing at this point.
  • my cat got pecked by one of our neighborhood turkeys, which resulted in this new ‘do:


  • I don’t want to jinx anything, but our weather this winter into early spring has just been lovely. Yes, some cold days here and there, but lookie this: IMG_0735

yes, this is a cherry blossom. And yes, it’s still March. As a reminder, last year, I ran               our local Cherry Blossom 10k on April 12 and THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE BLOOM IN               SIGHT!

  • Thing 2 embarked upon her first overseas trip sans famille. She was invited to Crete and then London with her friend’s family, so the Mister, Thing 3 and I are getting a taste of what life will be like Chez Sato come September.


  • Thing 3 and I are working on convincing the Mister that a dog would be a lovely substitute for Thing 2. Here is our favorite puppy, Sasha, at our shelter. She’s a puggle. Which is actually a word.  And she’s full of energy! So far the Mister has agreed to adopt Sasha only if the turkeys get the best of our scalped cat.IMG_0725
  • Never in a million years would I have guessed that in 3 short months I will have completed one 20K, one 30K and then one 50K as training runs.  Yes, in addition to the trail race I did out in Cali in February, I got out of my deathbed two weeks ago for a 20K (Miles for Music) here in Jersey (and only lost about 4 minutes due to a coughing fit and some gu-induced GI issues), and this Saturday, I’m toeing the line for a 50k as part of the NJ Ultra Fest.  Even though Sasha the puggle’s legs are short, I’m thinking I may need her energy to get through all this!


  1. I am so impressed with your training…you are doing awesome! And puggles are adorable. And it’s fun to say puggle!

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