No, I’m not freaking out

It’s April 12, and my goal race is in 17 days, and I’m taking a forced early taper.  Because after that 50K, I wanted to stay true to the letter of my training plan, and I hopped right back into the thick of things without thinking that perhaps the training plan was written for 20 and 30 somethings, not an about-to-be 50 something, and now have a bit of a tendinitis flair up. I had to cut my last long run short (only 10 miles of the prescribed 25), and I DNS’ed my 10k race the next morning.

BUT IT’S OK, I keep telling myself.  Missing that last long back-t0-back is not going to upend 5 months of training.

To keep my mind off the missed training, I’m heading to Aquatopia with Thing 3 and four of her friends to celebrate birthday number 12!  Honestly, I find nothing amusing about amusement parks, and I find indoor waterparks to be the Sodom and Gomorrah of American culture. I’m still not quite recovered from my last visit to Great Wolf Lodge in 2011. I’m hoping this visit will be better, as Thing 3 and her friends are all old enough to be in the water without me. And I was clever enough to reserve a pool side cabana that has its own waitress AND tv. So I’m bringing my knitting and maybe I’ll catch a nap or two.

Also on the home front–helping Thing 2 with her college decision. She’s been accepted at four schools, and starting this weekend, we begin the rounds of “accepted students days.” First up is Pratt, which is also her first choice. I have a feeling I should bring my checkbook to this one.  Ah, to be 18 and have the world as your oyster.

Which leads to some of the most unexpected news yet.  With Thing 1 out of the house, and Thing 2 about to launch, Thing 3 has been feeling slightly lonely.  After some discussions with the Mister, we decided to let Thing 3 bring a shelter dog into Chez Sato.   We’re now on the hunt for a non-puppy, medium-sized, cat-friendly cut dog.

And I’m lobbying for one that likes to run. Because I’ve still got 17 days of training left!


  1. You are an inspiration! Awesome mom, runner, friend. Always proud of you –even when you can’t be “superwoman” once in a while😀

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