U (for ultra) minus 4 days

and counting.

I guess that’s the thing about goals–eventually you get there. And “there” for me is Saturday, April 30th.  And that’s when the 804 miles of training, the kajillion calories of food, the hours of stretching and yoga will all come into play, and determine whether or not I actually make it to the finish line.

Going into this, I knew that running tons of mileage would be involved. You know what surprised me? The amount of thinking involved. Thinking about running (how many miles? when could i fit them in?  what routes? and the weather?), and thinking about food (what should I eat? when? is that enough carbs, fiber, protein? why am I so hungry ALL. THE. TIME?)

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that flexibility, both of body AND spirit, matters most. Especially today, when I learned the 50 mile route (which I’ve been staring at intently whenever I get a chance for the past five months) will most likely change because of wild fires in one of the parks.  This bothers me a bit. I like knowing what’s ahead. I’m that kid who used to read the last chapter of the book first (yes. really.)

So, I don’t know exactly where I’ll be running. But I do know that I’ve trained my legs, fueled my body and prepped my head for the distance, so I’m ready. The change in route? Well, it’s all part of the journey.




  1. Having pushed myself to finish a marathon and a half Ironman, I know where you are right now. Be confident in your plan and your training. I can’t wait to see your post about how it goes. Bravo to you! You’ve done the hard part, now enjoy the run.

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