Little things and rebound races

Now that ultra is over (more on that later), I’ve got a whole lot of time to spend working on my other hobbies. I’ve got tons of projects all queued up, all of which were recently derailed for some little things.

Phil’s sweater:

Knitting this took all of a few hours (Phil’s only 13 lbs.) which is good because it’s been chilly so far this May for a recently shorn Phil.

Coworker’s (soon to be) Baby Boy

The kimono top is made from a double gauze and the pants are an organic knit. They’re the 3 month size, and the baby’s expected in late June, so I think they’ll work out fine. Baby clothing is a very quick and rewarding project. Sadly, I cut the double gauze with the print upside down (if you look closely, you’ll see the blobs are little lions), but that works as they face the baby.

All these little things are basically palate-cleaners…rebound projects if you will.  I’m a firm believer in rebounds. Just as you need that rebound boyfriend as sort of a ‘reboot’ after a good, long relationship ends, so do you need a rebounds in other facets of your life. Just finished an epic book, one with prose that just sang, characters you loved, and a captivating story? Well, whatever you read next will not fill any shoes, so pick something light and delightful, something that keeps your interest, but one that you know is transitory.

With this in mind, the past two weekends I ran some rebound races–the Japan Run (a 4 miler) on May 8 and the Newport 10,000 (10k, duh) on May 14. Both races were repeats for me. Both were light and delightful and kept my interest. I had no expectations for either, but both served the purpose of prepping my legs and mind for another round of training. I was curious to see after months and months of slow, long mileage if I actually had any turnover left .

I was pleased with my performance in each. Neither were PRs, but I finished both feeling much stronger than I had previously. I ran the Japan run in 37:52 (my previous effort was 37:38) and the Newport 10,000 in 59:44 (chip time; my 10k PR is in the 57 minute range). Usually for me, no matter the distance, the last little push is when I tend to peter out. But for both these races, I hung in there and held steady ’til the end. This is especially important for the Newport race, as it was quite sunny and the last two miles of the course is along the (completely exposed and eastward facing) waterfront.

These rebound races set me up nicely for a new training cycle with my goal race race being (drum roll please….) The Midland Mile! Yep, that would be a 180 change in distance. There is no method to my madness, and long distances are still in my future, but I really, really, really want to see if I can run a short distance fast (read: fast for me).  My two-year old 5k PR is at an 8:15 pace; so I’d like to see if I can break 8 minutes for that mile.

It’s the little things…

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