Things I suck at

Apparently, blogging in June.

Things I don’t suck at:

Signing up for more races.

This week kicks off a new 16 (well, 17, because I’m giving myself actually 2 weeks to get the first week’s workouts done) week training plan for yet another race…The Blues Cruise 50k.

Of course, I’m not going it alone–my partner in crime Helene will be with me again. I’m looking forward to this training cycle. My only 50k so far was the NJ Ultra which we used as a training run, and which was far too difficult for my preferences. This one seems a bit more do-able, even though there is an 8 hour time limit, which I think (read: hoping) will push me along.

I’m glad the plan starts off slowly, as June, not April, is the cruelest month. Especially with two graduations one graduation and one promotion ceremony. Thankfully (or maybe not, maybe it’s just one way to spread the busy-ness) graduation and 6th grade promotion bookend this month. First up was Thing 2 this past weekend. Thing 2 went to a very small girl’s high school; there were only 18 girls in her entire graduating class. That made the ceremony absolutely wonderful with both the Head of School and graduation speaker able to speak specifically about each and every student.

So while we’ve been in the throes of getting the house ready for visitors and a post-graduation lunch, Thing 3 has spent the past several weeks (and the upcoming two) on various field trips, field days, expeditions and the like building to her promotion ceremony at the end of the month.  Squished in between is a one-day trip to Chicago and my annual sojourn to my yarn trade show.

I wish June could be more like an ultra–both the training and race itself–yes, a challenge, but with ample time for aid stations and snacks, deliberate walking when necessary, camaraderie among participants, and beautiful views. We’re getting there…maybe.


  1. 18 graduates sounds awesome! My son graduated this year in a class of 467 and our county (in Maryland) holds the graduation in DC. Not fun to get there with all the grandparents and come home in rush hour traffic! Congratulations on a Thing 2’s graduation!

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