Or not.

Thing 3 is off to camp next week. This isn’t new for us; it’s her fifth year of camp, but for some reason* she has no clothes this year. (*actually the reason is that she grew 4″ over the past 12 months, and therefore nothing fits). Faced the with option of buying cute camp clothing that more likely than not will not make it back home, I fell through the internets wormhole of links until I found these:


Cute, right? And not so difficult to make. Except those pictured shorts are in a chambray paired with a Liberty Tana Lawn.

Now, I truly heart Thing 3, but at 12 years old (and still growing) she’s not quite $40/yard-Liberty-worthy. She is worthy, however, of the 30 minutes it takes to whip up a single pair of these amazing shorts. 90 minutes and some odd half yards of stash fabric and random bias tape later, Thing 3 is ready for camp!

IMG_0103 IMG_0104

So, shorts making took up about 9o minutes of my June–what, pray tell, have I been doing the rest of the month to account for this absence in blogging?

A work trip to DC for 4 days! The trade show was same-old, same-old, but in DC instead of Columbus, which made for some nice (albeit very warm) running. I stayed at an AirBNB about 1.3 miles from the National Mall. My 2nd morning I squished in 8 miles (apt to the Capitol, along the Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, and back to the Capitol and then home).

IMG_0057 IMG_0058

Missing Phil! DC was my first trip since adopting Phil. Boy, I missed him so much!  I missed him so much that my first thought upon seeing this display of knitted sheep was “Gosh, those look like Phil!”

IMG_0053 (1)

So I begged for one to bring home.

IMG_0078 IMG_0061

The resemblance is there, amirite?

Plenty of social events! Thing 3 also “graduated” from 6th Grade. After nearly a month of field trips, parties, and other exhausting special events.


After the ceremony, there was one more sleep-over party (for a birthday), and then Thing 3 returned home and slept for an entire weekend.

Running! I, however, did not. I’m at that point in my training plan where the long back-to-back runs are coming into play, just as the temperatures are beginning to climb. It’s in my best interest to get out of the house and done with my run before the sun gets too high.  I’m beginning to question the sanity of embarking upon a training plan that will take me through the yuck of the summer heat and humidity.  Eyes on the prize, Sato, eyes on the prize.

Looks like there’s no Liberty for Thing 3, nor for me, either.



  1. Cute shorts, clever Mum.
    I am so impressed that you doing more back to back long runs, after having done this before, and now you mention the conditions, I am in AWE!

  2. 90 minute speed-work on the shorts front ! Always very impressed with your craft skills, and your runningof course, and kind of glad as I pop by here after an absence of writing that I am not the only one that sometimes struggles to find the time to fit it all in. Lets make a transatlantic pact to get back the blog trail. 🙂

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