On the needles and in the gym

First up for my SoB (that’s Summer of Basics, folks) is a sweater for my sister.  She lives in Hong Kong and typically it’s not sweater weather there, but recently their winters have gotten a bit chilly, and without central heating she’s found that she does need some things with sleeves. When I visited in March, she asked me to replicate her favorite sweater bought probably a decade or so ago at Garnet Hill.  That yoke-style sweater was constructed quite differently–knit side to side using short rows. There are no seams on the body, only on the arm. It’s a cute sweater, but she’s worn it to death and it looks like crap (sorry Libby).

I took diligent measurements and photos of the original, and then spent the next four  weeks contemplating how to make it work.  Thankfully, a Ravelry search turned up this:

Screenshot 2017-06-02 12.10.03

THE. EXACT. SWEATER!  (thank the good lord).

And last night I cast on:

Screenshot 2017-06-02 12.23.02

The yarn is from Mountain Meadow Wool, where I visited last month in Wyoming. It’s one of the few full-service spinning mills in the US (they do everything from soup to nuts), and they can trace back their fibers to the particular ranches they came from. Although I’m not very far along on this project, I LOVE how the yarn feels. That, and the short-rows, will keep my interest for what’s basically a sideways stockinette cardi.

Accompanying my SoB is Juneathon–today was GRIIT (group intensity interval training) at my gym.  Yep, that’s right–I’ve ditched a few days of running and added a few days of gym workouts. Those few days have kept my chronic injuries at bay, and I wish I had been more diligent about this before.  Today’s 45 minute class featured a bunch of box workouts–like jumping onto the box (12″ off the floor) and squatting, then jumping down and squatting. Sometimes it’s amazing I get out of there alive–my proprioception sucks. That being said, I love these workouts. I may not be so graceful, but I’m getting stronger.

And given what’s been happening in our neck of the woods, I think strength (of both body and mind) is going to be an asset.




  1. Did you get to visit the operations at Mountain Meadow Wool? Wyoming isn’t far from me, and I’d love to see how the yarn manufacturing process works!

    • Mountain Meadows was actually the focus of the trip–their operations are amazing, and they are the kindest folks! I bought way too much yarn, and am absolutely LOVING how it’s knitting up!

      • Oooh….I’m thinking I need a Wyoming road trip! Did you have to make reservations to see the operations, or will they accommodate just random visitors? I seem to be on a knitting binge right now, so I might as well support more local-ish yarn!

  2. They have specific times they offer tours, but if you call, they can be flexible with you. I was part of a group, so our circumstances were different, but we met some folks at the local hotel and raved about our tour. They decided to just show up, and MMW accommodated them.

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