50 Shades of…taupe?

I had a three day trip to Columbus for work–the annual needle arts trade show. Sadly it got cut short half a day as our home was vandalized early Saturday morning (someone threw a brick through our living room window, and while no one was hurt, it was disconcerting and distracting enough that I went home early).

I did get quite a bit of knitting done though. As part of the #summerofbasics I’m replicating a sweater for my sister.

This RTW sweater is well-loved and thread-bare. It’s knit side to side though, with short-rows constructing the yoke. The only seams are the arm sleeves. Thankfully, I found a pattern (Hypatia by Quince & co) that mimics the construction, albeit in a smaller gauge. The yarn is Laramie by Mountain Meadow Wool. It’s going quickly.

The replica is slightly denser and less gray (more brown). But I think she’ll like it because it’s not threadbare or pill-y.

As for Juneathon, I’ve been plugging away. Four miles in Columbus (which did not offset in any way at all the 3 trips to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream).  And three times this week.



  1. Awful about the house, makes you feel uneasy doesn’t it? I got home from night shift once and someone had sprayed a word on our door. So at 2 am I was trying to remove it as didn’t want the kids to see it. I felt like we were targeted but in hind sight our door was the only brown one and they had yellow paint it wouldn’t show up on a white door. Hope there is no repeat.
    The knitting as ever is simply lovely.

  2. I think our house frustrated the would-be intruder–the police found that he had been stymied by our back door to the basement. I suspect the brick was an act of frustration (albeit expensive to replace a 113 year old window with really cool wavy glass.)

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