OMG it’s Fall!

Yeah! There was a definite chill in the air this morning (56F here in NJ), and of course, my thoughts immediately turn to sweater weather and Fall wardrobe planning. Over the long weekend, I plan on winnowing down my closet to 33 (more or less) items, and I want to leave some room for future projects.

I think I’m pretty well set in the jeans department (and I’ve finished off all the denim in my stash), so I’m going to focus on a few tops–comfy enough for weekends, but polished enough to wear to the office.  This one from JCrew has completely grabbed my attention

Screenshot 2017-09-01 09.06.50

This is totally me. Standing collar? Check. Interesting button placement? Check. Drop hem? Check. Stripes? Check. All morning I’ve been doing an inventory in my head of all the shirt patterns I have, trying to remember if I’ve got anything similar that’s hackable.

And then there’s this:

Screenshot 2017-09-01 09.09.44

And I know I’ve got the pieces to do this–it’s a simple raglan with a gathered neckline. As is always the case, with both shirts it’s the fabric that’s going to make it shine.

On the sweater front, I need to finish up my self-designed yoke sweater. I’m this close to having one sleeve done, and the 2nd sleeve should go quickly.  I’m hoping to wear this in Harrogate later this month.

Next on the needles will be the Hadley Pullover, in these colors (plus one more I’ve got to dig out of my stash, most likely a red):

Some programming notes: I’ve changed the name of the blog, maybe permanently, maybe separately, as I’m trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Making things is a huge part of…me, and I’m working hard on putting some pieces into place more cohesively.  I’m not being coy–just figuring sh*t out at this point.

One definite thing I’ve done though is put together a garment sewing series for this fall/winter.  I’ve partnered with a local studio that will host the workshops.  I may just be throwing spaghetti at the wall…I hope it sticks!


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