Last month I spent a breath-taking 8 days in Harrogate (UK) as part of a knitting trip.  And while the knitting (and the countryside laden with sheep) was spectacular, I found even more inspiration in the geometry of the ceilings, gardens and tiled floors of some of the other sites we visited.

These are just a few of the magnificent ceilings in Harewood House. I cannot get enough of them. The symmetry and colorwork just speaks to me.

The arches at Fountains Abbey were equally as inspiring.

As were the tiled floors at the chapel on the grounds at Fountains Abbey.

It’s mid October, and under any other weather circumstances I’d be clicking away with my needles, fast and furious.  Yet, we’ve been having a bit of a hot & humid wave, so instead I’ve only got one sweater to show for my efforts so far this fall–it’s one that I designed using the Mountain Meadows Wool I picked up in May in Wyoming.

Clearly I have a love of geometry (which did not exist in high school, btw).  To whet my appetite (once this weather breaks), I’ve been earmarking a bunch of “to-makes” on Ravelry.  The other night when I went through that list, I discovered that they’re ALL yoke sweaters.  Can knitting yoke sweaters be an addiction? Or maybe it’s the symmetry that’s calling my name.  Before I went to hog-wild and ended up knee deep in yoke sweaters, I cast on for this:

Screenshot 2017-10-12 14.32.32

It’s Cline by one of my favorite designers–Julie Hoover. I’m using a yarn I picked up at West Yorkshire Spinners (our first day trip on my UK visit)

Screenshot 2017-10-12 14.37.02

Maybe this will keep me away from the siren song of yoke sweaters for awhile.  But never away from the symmetry (because all sweaters have two arms, amirite?)


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