Good ideas

bear repeating.  I read a recent blog post (sorry! can’t remember whose post it was), and the maker cleverly snipped swatches of her fabric, and cataloged them in a binder by fabric type so she knew what she had on hand for each new project.

It goes without saying that I need to do that as well, but my yarn stash is much more unwieldy than my fabric stash as this point.


(This is ONLY what’s next to either side of my couch–supposedly I’m getting to all of this soon–it doesn’t even come close to measuring up to what I’ve got socked away in my basement.)

But a snippet of yarn can only tell you so much.

So I’ve embarked upon what may be a foolhardy project at the start of gift-making season–I decided to swatch ALL. THE. YARN, and catalog those swatches into one of the many many many unused notebooks I have lying around. I’ve committed to one swatch per day (and already I’ve screwed that up), but I’m making headway.  Each swatch gets a two-page spread in the notebook. One side for the swatch, the other for the label and any details and/or project ideas.


There they are–my Quince & Co Owl yarn and my Arranmore from The Fibre Co.  The lovely dark yarn is from Harrisville Designs (Streetlight, part of their Nightshades collection).

I’ve knit each swatch with the recommended needles sizes, noted the gauges, and then some project ideas.  Now comes the fun part–finding patterns!

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